Thursday, February 3, 2011


The courses are going very well so far.

The Game Production course is very interesting and it's very good for me to know those things, even if I never get the chance to work in a game development company. It will contains information on how to run projects and handle people and many other things.

The XNA course is very fun. As a first test we got some instructions and graphics about an Aquarium Game. In it you could steer a shark that ate other fishes that appeared and moved randomly over the screen. It wasn't so difficult to do once I got the hang of how to organize the code.
We have to create a Breakout clone as a first hand in assignment I'm mostly done with it already even though we have another month to do it. The trickiest part was to figure out how the ball was supposed to bounce off the bricks. I finally got that working.

Beside the actual moving of the ball and paddle, I've also done:
  • Created a menu system.
  • Added music + some sound effects. is a good source of free sound.
  • Added functionality for reading the levels from a text-file.
  • Added scores and lives.
  • Worked on the graphics, but still need some time on that. Paint.Net is amazing!
It's not much left to do to meet the criterias for the game.

Now I also have to figure out what kind of game I want to do as a final hand in. It's a free assignment, but should include a menu, particle/fire effects, highscore and probably in 2D.