Wednesday, July 29, 2009


Started working on the thing I've dreaded the most.. Battles! Made quite a bit, but I have no idea if all the parameters are working as expected. Also it probably needs a lot of tweaking to get the balance right. As I start I just wanted the battle loop to work and it seems to do that.
What I'm doing is to have all troops get a random initiative based on their speed. The higher the number the better. Then I loop through all and randomize a defender of the attacker. Then randomize values based on attack and defense. If attack is higher the defender is wounded.
Still have to add modifies for morale and battle orders.


  1. This sounds like it could get very complicated, very quickly. How many troops are fighting each other in a typical battle at a time: 10 vs 10, 50 vs 50, or 100+ vs 100+. Does the game display green and red type health bars for each Army as the Battle progresses ?

  2. theoretically x vs x.. there's currently no limit. but might have to change that. usually it should just be maybe 10 vs 10 or less.
    have to think about the colors too. that's a good idea to have some visual presentation.